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Through 29 workshops so far in 2020, Detroit Disability Power has taught 810 people about ableism* and how to unlearn and dismantle it.  Most of them had never had an open conversation about disability or ableism before in their life. Donate today to help us reach even more people in 2021. 

*Ableism: The systemic oppression of people with disabilities; often colludes with racism, sexism, classism and hetrosexism. 


During this year's election cycle, Detroit Disability Power's field team had conversations with 31,500 voters by text, 245 by phone, and mailed Get Out the Vote literature connecting disability with democracy to 14,000 targeted households. Now it's time to follow up and bring these folks into our year round organizing. Donate today to help us build these relationships. 


In June, Detroit Disability Power worked in coalition to plan a Black Disabled Lives Matter protest and march. Afterwards, we collectively put out a COVID-safe and accessible protest best practices document.  Donate today to help us continue making social justice movements more meaningful and more accessible for people with disabilities. 


In 2020, Detroit Disability Power, in collaboration with Healing by Choice! hosted 17 Community Care Circles, peer support and healing justice gatherings for people with disabilities and chronic illness and for caregivers. Donate now to be part of building loving, caring community where we all thrive together. 


This fall of 2020, we soft launched our Disability Access Consulting program and hired our first staff fully dedicated to building out and implementing our fee for service technical assistance. This service is available to non-profits, businesses, schools, government entities and who ever else wants to learn how they can make their programs or built environment more meaningfully inclusive of people with disabilities and highly accessible. Donate today to help us make the Disability Access Consulting program public launch in style! 

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