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Part processing space, part organizing body, part skill-developing space–Healing Circles inherits much of its purpose by our former Action Teams (which we phased out at the end of 2022 during our final meetings in December).

While Healing Circles emphasizes self and community care much more than our Actions Team did, we’re still aiming to create lasting, socio-political change in Detroit. That will forever be our guiding star.

This is a passion project and labor of collective love born from disabled lived experiences and your feedback. It’s a long-term project we want you to directly inform and shape.

healing circles.png

Image Description: DDP Logo in the center. A background image of outstretched hands. Text reads "Healing Circles by Detroit Disability Power. A hybrid, highly accessible space to heal from ableism and redefine "healthy" while centering disabled Detroiters and caregivers"

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