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Detroit Disability Power Mutual Aid:


Detroit Disability Power invites you to check out our new mutual aid signal-boosting platform on Instagram! With the handle @funds4Detroit, our new platform joins the many online mutual aid communities across the country using the “Funds4” label to uplift the needs of marginalized folks.


Platforms like @funds4Caregivers and @funds4Mommys3 have inspired us here in Detroit to leverage our audience and followers into mutual aid action.


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[Image Description: White text box within light purple border also within a thicker, light blue border. The top-left and bottom-right corner of the light blue border have mauve colored XOXO’s for a Valentine’s day theme. Within the white text box, the top-left corner reads in purple text “To: you!”. The bottom-right corner similarly reads “From: DDP”. The centered, purple title is the biggest text within the white text box and reads “@Funds4Detroit is here!”. Below are two columns of purple text. The left column reads “We are…,” followed by a bulleted list that reads “signal boosting”, “bridging wealth with local need”, “putting disabled Detroiter’s first”. Below that is the text “We are not…” followed by a bulleted list that reads “service providers, monetary funds, crisis support”. The right column is a light purple sticky-note graphic that reads “Volunteer with us!”, beneath that is a bulleted list that reads “learn accessible graphic design, help grow our social media reach, collaborate with other aid efforts”. Towards the bottom left of both columns, an Instagram logo is followed by small purple text that reads “follow us on Instagram to learn more! Volunteer form is linked in our bio!”]

Our mutual aid signal-boosting platform, like many that exist, has a specific aim: @funds4Detroit is here to uplift the resource needs of people with disabilities and their caregivers living in Metro-Detroit; especially if they are Detroiters of color. By submitting their self-started crowdfunding or crowdsourcing campaigns to our platform, disabled Detroiters and their caregivers have access to an ever-growing pool of followers ready and willing to donate funds, time, and labor to those highlighted in our posts. 

@funds4Detroit also joins a community of local mutual aid efforts like those of the Eastside Mutual Aid, the Detroit Community Fridge, and Hey Y’all Detroit. However, where those three mutual aid networks provide tangible services and resources, our platform simply and exclusively “boosts” the already live crowdsourcing requests of disabled Detroiters and caregivers. We hope that our place within the ecosystem of local mutual aid efforts serves as a model for increased online accessibility, disability prioritization, and a love-led redistribution of wealth and resources.

We can’t do this without you, though! The simplest way to support @funds4Detroit is by following our account and sharing our launch post! (As well as commenting on and liking the rest of our posts!) But for those looking to be a part of the development, management, and growth of this platform, please check out our new volunteer positions! As a Volunteer Content Creator (VCC) you can leverage your time and labor to support @funds4Detroit in deeper, more intentional ways. Afraid you don’t know enough about Instagram, online accessibility, or mutual aid boosters to join? Don’t worry--we’ll teach you! And surely, you’ll teach us a ton too. 


To sign-up to volunteer:

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