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The Truth About Voting Access in Metro Detroit

ID: Blue background with white text. Text reads "The truth about voting in Metro Detroit with Dessa Cosma and Kenia Flores. Wednesday, July 26th, 10am on Zoom. RSVP at An image of Dessa Cosma and an image of Kenia Flores.

Join us on Wednesday, July 26th at 10 am on Zoom for a briefing about our new report: Improving Voting Accessibility for Detroit Voters with Disabilities. In November 2022, DDP teamed up with The Carter Center to audit 261 Detroit & Metro Detroit polling locations for accessibility. This audit, the largest of its kind in US history, resulted in shocking results: Only 16% of poll sites we evaluated are meeting state & federal accessibility laws. Come learn about how we did our audit, what it means for voters in Michigan, and how you can help ensure all voters have access to Democracy! RSVP: ##CripTheVote


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