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About Us

Detroit Disability Power is a membership organization that works to build the political power of the disability community.  We know that in order to end disparities people with disabilities face in regards to housing, employment, education, transportation, healthcare and more we must organize! 

What We Do

  • Organize people with disabilities and our allies around local issues that impact our lives

  • Collaborate with other organizations engaging in work that affects people with disabilities

  • Facilitate Anti-Ableism Workshops for social justice organizations wishing to better understand the systemic oppression of disabled people and that are committed to dismantling able-ism in their work

  • Host fun and educational community building events  

Our Guiding Principles

Disability is a normal/positive part of human diversity. Our disabilities are essential parts of who we are, places of power and self-love, giving us great assets to share with the world around us.

Nothing About Us, Without Us: We are People with disabilities building power and inclusive social justice movements. We work to dismantle the very real structural and cultural challenges facing us. We organize for the policy and systems change we need and want, therefore, making tangible changes in people’s lives and shifting power to those most affected by issues. 

We organize and serve people with diverse disabilities. We are committed to no hierarchy of disability in our work, engaging with people across disabilities, including chronic illness.

Disabled people have other important identities, which also affect our lived experiences and access to opportunity. Our power building efforts will always be with an intersectional lens and with attention to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship status, religion, and other identities that affect our lives. 

True Inclusion is Revolutionary. When we evolve our institutions to fully include disabled people, we inevitably build more equitable, accountable, safe, and compassionate communities that are better for everyone. 

Our Team

Our Team

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Ramiro Alvarez

Miranda Transparent.png

Miranda Chambers
Grants and Administrative Assistant


Dessa Cosma
Executive Director


Kenia Flores
Voting Access and Election Protection Fellow


Ayesha Ghazi Edwin
Deputy Director


Ani Grigorian
Disability Access Consulting Manager

Amy HZ.png

Amy HZ
Intern: Advocacy

Sophie Lupini (1).png

Sophie Lupini
Intern: Inter-departmental Program Assistant


NaJaree Nixon 


Kaci Pellar 
Policy Manager

Eric Headshot.png

Eric Welsby 
Advocacy Director


Shey Whitfield
Digital Organizer

Work With Us
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