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Disability Access Consulting

Detroit Disability Power is committed to culture-shifting through our Disability Access Consulting Program. We developed this fee-for-service program to share our lived experience and years of professional training to help community members from different sectors develop skills and practices to create more accessibility in their offerings and operations. We work with organizations, cultural and academic institutions, business leaders, city officials, policymakers, and more as we believe that accessibility must be ingrained in all that we do.   

To begin working with us, please fill out what you can in the contact form at the bottom
of this page. If you need support with this form, please email Ani at Expect to hear back within 1 week of the request.

List of Services:


Access strategy development:

To help you create accessibility related goals and establish a road map to meet them. This is good for organizations that don’t know where to begin investigating how and where accessibility shows up in their initiatives.


Assessment of physical space:

A general to thorough analysis of a venue, site or building with related recommendations. Includes an understanding of general operating procedures vital to create accessible physical environments.


Accessibility review of programs, policies, & organizational procedures

General to thorough analysis of operating procedures that identify where access barriers may be present. This can involve creating a tool to help organizational staff audit their own programs and operations.



We are ever increasing our expertise to help you understand how to best share information and engage accessibly both online and in real life. 


Staff & volunteer training;

General or targeted anti-ableism & anti-oppression workshops to help your team learn to recognize and dismantle systemic oppression and better include and engage people with disabilities.


Tailored workshops & presentations;

Specific sessions aimed at supporting your staff dive deeper into how accessibility intersects with your organization's areas of interest and operation.


Working sessions & research partnerships;

Great for organizations that need support on established projects.


Retainer relationship;

Typically after building a working relationship where on-going support is needed on existing initiatives.

Pricing: We operate on a sliding scale depending on the client’s industry, organizational resources and capacity. In some cases, we prioritize organizations with a commitment to creating accessibility and opportunity to provide mutual support.


The reviews are in

“We reached out to Detroit Disability Power, a member of the Huron-Clinton Metroparks' Fun, Accessible, Inclusive Recreation (FAIR) Play Coalition, to help us develop a tool that our staff will use to evaluate the accessibility of our nearly 900 programs, ranging from instructor-led to self-directed. We knew this was a new sort of initiative for DDP, but Ani really did her research, and asked great questions of staff along the way to better understand the different types of programming. I feel confident that, with the resulting evaluation tool, the Metroparks will be continuously improving accessibility to our education and recreation programming in service to so many in Southeast Michigan.” 


—  Nina Kelly, Chief of Planning & Development at Huron-Clinton Metroparks

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