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COVID-19 Response:

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No Discrimination in Health Care Access!


On April 29th, Governor Whitmer signed an executive order to affirm anti-discrimination policies and ensure that health care providers develop equitable access to care protocols. This is 100% a result of the intentional, strategic, and persistent organizing done by disability organizations and activists around the state. Thank you for your part in this big win! We still have work to do. Detroit Disability Power and others are calling for the state of Michigan to track and report data related to disability status and COVID-19 infection.


Please join us in this effort by emailing

As hospitals become overwhelmed  due to the COVID-19 pandemic, questions about who is prioritized for limited treatment and medical resources are on the minds of many disabled and chronically ill Michiganders who are concerned that we won’t receive equal access to care. Due to a history of ableism in medicine, public policy, and American culture at large, these fears are not unfounded.  States around the country have blatantly ableist and ageist rationing protocols. Disability activists have fought for decades to secure equal access and civil rights when mainstream America did not think we deserved them. As a country, we must not, even in a crisis, abandon this progress.  


On April 1st, Detroit Disability Power and Warriors on Wheels were joined by nearly 50 organizations in support of a letter we wrote to Governor Whitmer and DHHS Director Gorden asking for clarity regarding our state’s policy for rationing care during health care emergencies and publicly confirming that discrimination in regard to health care access will not be tolerated.



If you would like to support as an individual, please                                .

Supporting Organizations

Allied Media Projects         

Allies for Change

American Citizens for Justice/Asian American Center for Justice

Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living

Ann Arbor Commission on Disability Issues

The ARC Michigan

APIA Vote Michigan

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Cara Arts Education & Management

Collective for Disability Justice

Communication Access Center for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Community Development Advocates of Detroit


Delphine Alfred Duncan Foundation for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Deaf Link

Detroit Action 

Detroit Black Deaf Associates #6

Detroit Jews for Justice

Detroit Justice Center

Detroit People’s Platform

Disability Network Detroit Wayne Co.

Down Syndrome Guild of Southeastern Michigan

ENGAGE: Detroit

Healing by Choice!

Hearing Loss Association of America, Michigan State Association

Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America

Living and Learning Enrichment Center 

Michigan Deaf Association

Michigan Deaf Health

Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc.

Michigan Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion 

Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network

Mothering Justice

National Federation of the Blind, Detroit 

National Federation of the Blind, Michigan

National Health Law Program

Rising Voices of Asian American Families

St Peters Episcopal Church, Detroit

Sunrise Movement Detroit

 The Truth & Titus Collective, LLC

UCP Michigan

UCP Detroit

United States Pinoys 4 Good Governance

We the People-Michigan


Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs 

Light box

Detroit Disability Power

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