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Detroit's Office of Disability Affairs was founded February of 2021. Prior to its founding, DDP worked as a part of a coalition of many disability justice leaders to convince City Council and the Mayor to establish this office. In the initial proposal of this office, our research concluded that a minimum of $1.4 million dollars annually would be necessary to live into the vision of the ODA.

Upon being founded February 2021, the ODA was only allocated ~$125,000 annually to operate. This amount made it extremely difficult for the ODA to operate in a fruitful capacity. 

In 2022, DDP and our coalition partners urged City Council and the Mayor to allocate the full $1.4 million dollars. The coalition was successful in securing $576,520 for the 2022 fiscal year. However, many of those funds were one-time allocations.

In 2023, DDP and our partners continue the fight to secure the Office of Disability Affairs the equitable funding it needs to meet our needs as a disability community: $1.4 million annually.

Organize with us!

Contact our Community Organizer, NaJaRee:


Fund ODA 2023 Campaign

  • Detroit City Council and Mayor begin the budget process for 2023-2024 in February and conclude in April. Through a letter campaign, public comments, and key meetings with councilmembers, we'll make sure 2023 is the year the ODA is fully funded.


The ODA is Understaffed

  • The Office of Disability Affairs (ODA) needs a budget of 1.4M in order to hire the staff necessary to make the office a permanent and successful fixture for the City of Detroit.


The ODA needs funding to realize 3-Phase Plan

  • Over the 2023-2024 budget year, the ODA's strategic plan includes plans for improving sidewalk conditions and public transportation, increasing employment opportunities for disabled Detroiters at and across the City, improving access to healthcare, and increasing accessible housing, just to name a few.


An annual ODA budget of $1.4 million represents

  • A $11.37 per year investment in each of the 123,145 disabled Detroit residents.

  • A $2.23 per year cost to each of the 627,385 Detroit residents.

Visit to send Detroit City Council and Mayor Duggan an letter urging them to raise the budget of the ODA to $1.4 million!

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