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Anti-Ableism Media Training with DDP

ID: Purple background. Several photos of DDP marching and taking action in the city. Text reads " Writing and reporting disabilities. Learn how to do it, why it matters, and what it shifts."

Detroit Disability Power is proud to once again offer our annual summer workshop for reporters, journalists, writers, and all those in the universe of media-making, storytelling, and news reporting. In a three hour workshop on Wednesday October 11th from 4:30pm to 7:30pm, DDP's Communications Director will lead an interactive workshop (with a dinner!) that develops your capacity to support disability and racial justice work happening in Detroit. Press and media has the power to significantly tip the scales of policy, social change work, and elections. As a grassroots disability justice organization, we're excited to connect with even more storytellers to ensure that our community, Detroiters with disabilities and their caregivers, have fair, accurate, and empowering coverage in local news and media. For too long the narrative around disabled people of color, and Detroiters alike, has been written by folks outside of our community. In this workshop, we'll build your foundational capacity to report on people with disabilities in ways that don't further an ableist or racist status quo. In addition, we'll build your confidence and ability to interview disabled Detroiters in ways that not only meet their accessibility needs, but also structures questions in ways that allow their best story to flow. We'll also show you how and where to look for disability stories. This workshop will has ample time for you to ask your questions and also network with other professionals in your industry who are looking to use their skills to support the work on the ground.

  • Wednesday October 11th 4:30pm - 7:30pm EST

  • Dinner and drinks are on us!

  • Presented at The Love Building, 4731 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48208

  • Anti-ableism and anti-racism workshop tailored specifically for media and press professionals, but open to all

  • New content since our 2022 workshop, so returners are encouraged and welcome

  • Take leadership from disabled Detroiters organizing since 2018 to improve our city--learn from our lived experiences and use your platform to support disability and racial justice work!

Please contact us if the fee is a barrier to your participation. To learn more about Detroit Disability Power, please visit our website at or contact our Communications Director, Rami, at


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