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Detroit Police Department to receive new tether restraints across precincts

ID: An 8-foot Kevlar rope/cable with two treble-type hooks at each end shown in someones hand, next to a quarter for scale. Image credit to

The Detroit Police Department will receive a batch of 20 tether-like restraints that can be deployed to de-escalate situations without using lethal force.

The Detroit City Council approved the $32,083.44 contract Tuesday, with a lone objection from Councilmember Gabriela Santiago-Romero, who sought more engagement with the disability community. The department's mental health co-response team uses the restraint tool, which deploys a Kevlar rope that wraps around an individual's torso or legs. Deputy Chief Franklin Hayes said it would allow police to better serve residents facing a mental health crisis.

Kaci Pellar, policy manager of Detroit Disability Power, asked officials to look into any data indicating its success rate.

"If you do have any seed of doubt or any additional questions, please do take the time to do the additional research, talk to more people. See what the data is saying and what the data is not saying, or where there isn't data," Pellar said.


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