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Disability Justice Framework

Disability Justice is the cross-disability (sensory, intellectual, mental health/psychiatric, neurodiversity, physical/mobility, learning, etc.) framework that values access, self-determination and an expectation of difference. An expectation of difference means that we expect difference in disability, identity and culture. To be included and part of society is about being able to be our “whole self” (all of our identities together). Disability Justice includes space for self-care, reflection and hard discussions.

Disability Justice redefines beliefs about productivity, attractiveness and the value of human life. Beyond challenging what is considered normal, Disability Justice addresses the deeply held fear of vulnerability by practicing the value and act of interdependence. 

The Disability Justice framework is practiced on an individual, cultural and societal level. It asks us to be responsible for both what we do to make change and how we go about doing the work to make it. The focus expanding from educating and advocacy around systems and attitudes, to working with other oppressed groups educating ourselves and creating solutions and community power that canserve everyone.

Disability Justice Framework diagram depicting a central circle with the words Self Care, Safe Spaces, Doing Our Own Work


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