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Environmental Justice Activists Issue a Call to ‘Wage Love,’ Work Toward Building an Environmentally

ID: People holding up signs that say "Make the climate great again", "There is no planet B", and "Our Planet is on fire!!!"

This article was produced in partnership with Planet Detroit.

The panel worked to define a vision for the city amid a growing climate crisis, unjust environmental policies, widespread power outages, floods, air pollution from wildfires, and industry.

What does it mean to wage love?

The question, inspired by deceased Detroit activist Charity Mahouna Hicks, formed the centerpiece of a recent gathering of Detroit environmental justice advocates.

Waging Love: Building an Environmentally Just Detroit featured an intergenerational panel of local activists and residents from Detroit’s environmental and climate justice movements.

The event was held in the newly renovated Love Building, a new social justice hub in Detroit’s Core City, which houses Allied Media Projects, Detroit Justice Center, Detroit Narrative Agency, Detroit Disability Power, Detroit Community Technology Project, and Paradise Natural Foods.


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