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How you can help remove barriers to the ballot box

ID: Kenia Flores; a light-skinned, femme-presenting person with length dark brown hair, a green and white shirt, and a small silver necklace smiles in front of a blurred green background.

From the article:

"We Won’t Be Left Behind. More than 1.4 Michiganders have a disability. And every single one of us who is eligible to vote should be able to exercise that right unimpeded. Instead, we represent a large segment of the population that’s being left behind.

To increase accountability, we are urging people to contact their lawmakers and voice support for passage of the Michigan Voting Rights Act which was introduced in June 2023 by state Sen. Darrin Camilleri. In addition to providing important ​​protections to minority voters and voters whose native language is not English, the bill includes critical provisions that will provide new legal remedies to address the access barriers we found in our audit. The bill would allow disabled people who encounter violations of the law when attempting to vote, to ask a court to appoint a monitor to ensure that the jurisdiction in question has a comprehensive plan in place to protect disabled voters and that any future violations are promptly addressed. 


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