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Michiganders with disabilities are living in poverty, struggling to afford basics

ID: Jamie Junior, a disability advocate, shares the transportation challenges she faces as a person using a wheelchair. Photo Credit: Mandi Wright. Junior is using her wheelchair and facing the street, the sun is rising in front of her and she is looking down.

“Disabled people are part of families in Michigan. It's not just the disabled people who are stuck in this cycle, it's actually a lot more people, too,” said Dessa Cosma, Executive Director of Detroit Disability Power.

“We end up getting this afterthought, workaround, side job access to things and then we fall through the cracks and then we get blamed for falling through the cracks,” Cosma said.

Disability, she said, is not a place of deficit.

“They're really important, essential parts of who we are and places of power for us.”


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