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Respect the Will of the people

The election is over. Joe Biden is our President-elect and Kamala Harris is our Vice President-elect. We know the work isn’t over and our fight to build a better Michigan will continue well beyond this election.

We’re ready to move #ForwardTogether

But despite votes being finalized in Michigan, there are some legislators that are attempting to undermine our election. Just over the weekend, the Joint House and Senate Oversight Committee held a hearing to try to prolong the process.

Will you give your legislator a call or email them a letter and let them know you need them to stand with you? Tell them to respect the will of the people and help us move #ForwardTogether.

Who to call: Your Representatives / Your Senators

It’s very important your elected official hears from you directly at this moment. Elected officials take the words of their constituents more seriously than anything any organization can do.

Take five minutes to give them a call.

Additionally, yesterday evening the Whitmer administration issued a new emergency order enacting a three-week pause in business as usual in an effort to reduce Michigan's rising COVID-19 infection rate. We support this effort and encourage you to follow the order with us. For a simple breakdown of what this means, please turn your attention here:,9753,7-406-98163-545138--,00.html and/or to the graphic below. Thank you!

We stand with Michigan,

The DDP Team

P.S. To view this email in American Sign Language (ASL) click on the link here


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