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What bothers Mona Ramouni is not being seen

ID: Mona Ramouni with her two mini guide horses, Cherry (left) and Cali, in her home in Okemos.

Ramouni is an outgoing, friendly person who is almost always glad to talk about her horses, and she is by no definition shy. But she also wonders: “How do people think they have the right to ask you super personal questions that they wouldn’t ask someone else? I don’t mind answering because I would rather people know the answer than assume, but would you dare ask this of anyone else?” she says. “I just want to live my life just like everyone else does. I want to do good work and give back to the world,” says Ramouni. And she has some great ideas about how to do that.

Ramouni often has a funny quip or a comeback to some of the aggressions she faces when she tries to exist in the world. Dessa Cosma, founder of Detroit Disability Power, says, “While it is necessary to have defense mechanisms when you are bombarded by aggression …. ableism is no joke. We all have our coping mechanisms, and humor is pretty good as coping mechanisms go.”


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