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When good intentions aren’t enough: creating more equitable partnerships

ID: The Community Partnerships Playbook, How to Create Equitable Partnerships between Technical and Community Experts. DDP, Detroit Justice Center, We the People Michigan, and Ford School Science, Technology, and Public Policy University of Michigan logos shown.

The Community Partnerships Playbook: How to Create Equitable Partnerships Between Technical and Community Experts is a new publication from the University of Michigan’s Science, Technology, and Public Policy program.

The program collaborated with three community-based non-profit organizations on the playbook and individual projects — Detroit Disability Power, Detroit Justice Center, and We the People Michigan. The Playbook brings together advice from these groups who have experienced a range of positive and negative experiences with researchers, academics, and technologists, along with insights developed from the Community Partnerships Initiative and scholarly literature.

The Playbook’s purpose is to guide researchers while supporting and lending authority to community organizations as they advocate for partnerships that will benefit their constituencies.


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