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Organizer Workshop Series - Building the Skills to Fight Ableism: Part 3

ID: Light green background, DDP logo pictured. Text reads "Organizer Workshop. Building skills to fight ableism: Dialogue with Experienced Grassroots Organizers. Register at Tuesday, August 30, 5:30 PM"

Dialogue with Experienced Grassroots Organizers

Join Detroit Disability Power in a summer of fighting for disability justice! Are you a disability justice activist looking to make your disability work more intersectional? Are you someone seeking to bring disability justice principles into your current social justice work? Do you want to translate your anti-ableist politics into action? Then these Zoom workshops are perfect for you! Across three, two-hour workshops in August, we'll develop the skills YOU let us know you want to practice via our 2022 Leadership Development Survey. (If you filled that out, thanks again!) This workshop series will help you further develop the skills necessary to use your personal story to effect social change and to communicate about disability issues to your neighbors and elected officials. You'll also learn best practices for creating inclusive, accessible movements. We'll be learning from each other and experts in the field, so come ready to share and build together. These workshops are free and open to the public. ASL and CART provided.


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