Community Care Circles

Calling all people with a disability or chronic illness living in the Detroit area!  Calling all caregivers of a person with a disability or chronic illness - family, friend, aide, teacher, loved one or professional!


We invite you to join our process of exploring, listening, supporting, sharing, healing, reflecting, and transforming our lives in a community with others doing the same.  While DDP organizes to change the world to work for people with disabilities, the world as it is is certainly taking a toll on us. We need resiliency practices and connection with each other to survive and to make the world around us better.


  • Do you need assistance and resources for a more balanced life?

  • Are you tired or feeling stressed from your day-to-day struggles in Detroit?

  • Do you want to expand your support system and be a part of a caring community?

  • Are you ready to share stories and strategies in a safe space? 

  • Do you want to have fun and meet new people?

Our monthly Community Care Circles gather virtually

 every 3rd Sunday from 3-5 pm.

Healing by Choice! Community Care Circle

You are invited to join a quarterly community care circle for people with disabilities and caregivers. In partnership with Detroit Disability Power, Healing by Choice! will facilitate a 2-hour Healing Justice Practice Space focused on healing justice/disability justice. Each circle will have a theme relevant to the current season, as we flow with seasonal cycles in our work.

The next HbC! Community Care Circle is Sunday, August 7, 2022 from 1-3 pm. Please register at

Healing by Choice! is a women of color health, healing, and wellness collective based in Detroit.  HbC! believes that each person is an expert of their own experience, body, and needs.  They offer and teach wellness modalities such as massage, Reiki, deep listening, and ear acupuncture to give participants an experience of stress relief & relaxation, as well as tools to use on their own.


Auto-captions provided. ASL interpretation & other accommodations available upon request.


Prior to the pandemic we met in person at Delray Senior Housing. We look forward to being able to do that again in the future.


A Seasonal Community Care Circle Provided with Healing by Choice! 

For more information on how you can get involved, contact us using the form below. 

We look forward to connecting with you!


Meet Our Facilitators


Owolabi Aboyade

Owolabi is a cultural worker and MC from Detroit (Will See).  He worked in various roles at the East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) including Youth Organizer, Climate Justice Director, and Leadership team.  He served as a Local Coordinator for the 2010 US Social Forum, organizing to host 20,000+ community change agents to 5 days of workshops, panels, concerts, and work projects. 

He is passionate for making soundtracks of resistance that touch mind, body, and spirit. He is the author of justice anthems such as “Day 2 Day Struggle” "Take tha House Back” and “La Shish”  His music is available at

He has been negotiating kidney failure since 1990 and has survived lymphoma, heart failure, and other physical ailments.

Susan Ruma Picture.jpg

Susan Ruma, LMSW

Susan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience counseling individuals and families with an emphasis on adolescent mental health issues. She received her Master’s Degree from The University of Michigan in 2003. While in graduate school, Susan helped facilitate groups focused on cultural diversity as well as LGBTQ inclusion. As a previous pediatric social worker, Susan also has experience working with individuals who have been diagnosed with medical conditions and helping them, as well as their family members, manage the stressors and changes associated with medical issues or a disability.

Cynthia Tobias picture II.jpg

Cynthia Tobias

Cynthia is a mother, nurse, community gardener, licensed massage therapist and certified shiatsu practitioner. She also teaches deep listening partnerships that assist in healing deep, early hurts that have systematically stripped us of our full humanity and undermined our connection with all beings. Her love of people shows up in her day to day life through accompaniment, listening, playing, facilitating creative solutions to problems, as well as in her body work practice. She understands that spirit, mind and heart are innately intertwined and are always working toward a balance of energy/homeostasis.


Piper Carter

Piper Carter lives inside Detroit city.

She is an Arts and Culture Organizer and Hip Hop Activist with focus on Entertainment Justice, Environmental and Climate Justice, Education Justice, the Maker Space movement, and Food Justice, communities.