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Intro to DanceAbility w/ Adrianna Michalska and Guru Suraj

ADRIANNA MICHALSKA, certified DanceAbility teacher, is also a contact improvisation dancer, facilitator, traveler, and independent artist with a background in somatics, creative writing, and various improvisation methods studied across the globe. Born and raised in Poland, Adrianna graduated with a Dance and Culture degree from University of Surrey, UK. She is interested in embracing artistic practices from different cultures in creative process, and the trans-disciplinary potential when working with text, image, sound, and movement.

She’ll be teaching with her partner GURU SURAJ, a visual and movement artist dedicated to researching, organizing communities and events, and performing on the cross-section of different art forms. Guru has a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai, India and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy of Yoga from Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University, Chennai, India. The curiosity of movement has led him to years of study of contact improvisation (movement improvisation that fosters physical and non-physical connections with others while moving) and various somatic techniques that investigate self-awareness through mind-body connection.

ID: Three people dancing in a park. Text on a purple background reads "In-person DanceAbility with Adrianna Michalska and Guru Suraj. Saturday, May 14, 11 AM - 1 PM. 8641 Linwood Street. Try it out! Reconnect! To register:


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